5 Steps to Become A Teacher After 12th

Quick Overview

Step 1

Know Your Interests and Choose the Right Subjects 

Choose your Subjects wisely. Because if you don't enjoy your subjects, you can't become a great teacher.

Step 2

UG Degree, Diploma and B.Ed After 12th

Pursue  any graduation degree that you enjoy most. And go for program like – NTT, BTC, B.Ed.

Step 3

Preparation For Entrance Exams(TET, CTET, STET, NET, SLET)

Just after completing of your degree/ diploma, Prepare for these exam to be a gov. teacher.

Step 4

Master’s and Doctorate Degree For Professional Teachers

At this step, you are already a gov teacher. If you want to go far more, go for Ph.D. 

Step 5

A Full-Fledged Teacher

Congrats!! After spending years of dedication and hard work, you are now a Full Fledged Teacher 

Types of teachers and their salary

It totally depend on your, experience and position (Like- Primary, Secondary School, University Lecturer). Still it can range from ₹ 2 to 24 LPA

Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

High Pay, A fun career, Fixed Working Hours, Shaping the Future of the country, Holidays and rewards, Respectable Job.

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