Top 10 Qualities to Become Luxury Travel Advisor

1. Passionate About Travelling.

You should follow this industry when you have passion and interest in this industry. You have to love it or you’re in the wrong job carrier.

2. Implementing & Destination Knowledge.

You must have most of the destination knowledge and you have to learn event implementing knowledge.

3. Selection Skills

Every clients demands luxurious life in his event so you must have selections skills like- hotel selection, vehicle selection, resort selection and beaches.

4. Client Feeling And Arrangements.

Travel advisor always try to feel his client VIP and he arranges all the things so that his client feel VIP and luxury.

5. Profit Margin

Smart travel advisor always keep his profit margin low for every new client so that he he comes again.

6. Take Advance Payment

Travel advisor always try for advance payment from his clients. After advance payment, the client cannot go anywhere for this event.

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7. Personal Skills

Every travel advisor should have some Skills like- Excellent client care & interaction skills, problem-solving skills, Creativity & Imagination etc.

8. Cancellation Policy

Every smart advisor should have a cancellation policy so that if client cancel the event then you are not at a loss.

9. Take Training 

After that if you feel that you need training then you go for professional training and learn from online.

10. Feedback Skills

Every event can make you a better travel advisor if you have feedback skills. You should take feedback from hotel, vehicle, client etc.

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