Top 6 secrets of a luxury Travel Advisor  (In 2022)

1. Try for a luxury client.

Mostly smart travel advisors drive for luxury clients because a budget minded client needs luxury but pays budget money.

2. Traits of a travel agent.

Smart travel advisors try to treat a luxurious life. His selection of hotels, vehicles, resorts and beaches should be good.

Many travel advisors try to keep the profit margin as low as possible for their new client but repeat clients can charge extra money.

3. Profit Margin

Most advisors take advance token money as a booking amount like- 20%, 25%, 30%. The token money is surety of clients' events.

4. Advance payment from client

Every client should have full information about event inclusion and exclusion like- ticket money or anything, extra charge money for client.

5. Inclusion and Exclusion

Every smart travel advisor makes his cancellation policy hard so that if any accident happens then the advisor is not responsible.

6. Cancellation Policy

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