Top 3 ways to become scientist in ISRO

0: Know- Who are ISRO scientist?

ISRO scientists and engineers work for government space organisation for space research and exploration.

1: Learn- What ISRO scientist do?

ISRO scientist do space exploration, space technology and explorations of the elements of space and research conversion methods for space resources into its use.

 2: Select a perfect way to join ISRO.

1. Space institute to scientist 2. IIT/ NIT to scientist 3. Recruitment board to scientist

1st Way: Become scientist by Space institute 

The institute of space research and exploration is Indian institute of space technology IIST. Every year students become scientist through IIST.

2nd Way: IIT/ NIT to Scientist

Thousand of students join IIT and NIT engineering College and you can become space scientist through isro interview held every year in IIT & NIT.

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3rd Way: Recruitment board to scientist

Isro Centralized Recruitment Board (ICRB) exam every year. For this exam, you must have engineering degree in space science.

Best Way to become scientist in ISRO.

Which students join ISRO through IIST they will be surely a scientist in ISRO. So the best way to become a scientist is the first way, IIST to ISRO. 

Participate in institute program

After admission, every year institute conduct many programs. These programs develop skills, confidence level and mental growth.

Try doing something new in his lab

We heard every year about new inventions in labs, universities and institutions. So you should also try to make new things.

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