Top 10 Self-help Books to Read for Students and Businessmen

Friends, Books are our first and best friend. By learning from them, we increase our knowledge. Because we learn most of the things in our lifetime only by reading books. That is why about 75% of the successful and rich people of the world always keep reading books and the CEOs of a company have to read at least 30 to 50 books in a year.

Not only this, but the richest and most intelligent people in the world always keep reading books to increase their knowledge and learn something new. Because they know that the more we study, the more success and wealth we can earn.

If we talk about the biggest companies in the world, then their CEOs read a book a week as soon as they read. Like ‘Microsoft’ founder ‘Bill Gates’ reads a whole book in a week, the same ‘Facebook’ founder and CEO ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ reads about 2 books in 1 week.

Therefore, if we also want to do something new in our lives and live a successful life, then we should also keep reading books. Because when we read any book, we go for some time in the mind of the author of that book and start thinking like that. Due to this, we keep getting many new ideas.

If you also want to read books and you are thinking that in 1 year almost million books are published. Which of them should we read? In today’s article, we will give you information about the top 10 books and best-selling books in India. You can learn a lot by reading them.

So without wasting time let’s know which are those top 10 books?

1. Managing Oneself

If you have not read any books yet and wonder which book to start reading, you can start with this book because this book is a bit small. So that you will not be bored.

The things taught in this book are quite useful and by reading this book you will get to know a lot about yourself. In this book, the author told us that we can move ahead in life by managing ourselves and can achieve many new things.

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2. Think And Grow Rich

You must have heard about this book because it is a very popular book. Millions of copies of this book have been sold.

This is a very good book, if you read this book for the first time then you will not understand much, so keep reading this book again and again. Because when I also read this book for the first time, I did not understand much. I was able to learn only a few things from what was said in this book.

That’s why I have read this book many times. Every time I read this book. Every time I get to learn something new.

As the name suggests in this book, if we keep our thinking big, then there is a high chance that we will be able to become successful one day.

In this book, the author tells us why we should think big. What are the benefits of thinking big? And how do the people who are leading the world today think?

After reading this you will know where you are thinking right now. That is just a very small thing; Which you can get only after a little hard work. That’s why I want you to read this book.
It has also been said that…

The bigger one thinks, the bigger he becomes.

3. The Subtle art of Not giving a Bunk

The society we are living in today. That society has made many of its own rules about what we have to do; what we are not to do; Why do we have to do this; If you do this then you will become infamous in society etc.

In this, the author tells us that we should never think about what people and society will think about us. We should only do what we like, but that should not be the wrong way. Because the author says…

Life is only one Live it your way; Not in bondage to the rules and laws made by the society.

Like, you want me to be a big man and earn a lot of money. So you do what you can to earn a lot of money. On the other hand, if you want me to live a peaceful life, then do what gives you peace.

Because when we go to do something new, the first thing that comes to our mind is what people will say if we do this work. Due to this, we are not able to do that work with full energy, due to which we do not get good results from us.

So someone rightly said

What would people say is the biggest disease…

4. Eat That Frog

Most of the students and businessmen have the same problem that they do not get time to do something new or think new. That’s why the author tells that how should we manage our time? So that we can get time for other work also.

Friends, if I asked you to eat a frog every day, at what time would you like to eat it? People may have different opinions on this but the authors tell us that that time will be morning time.

If we have eaten that frog in the morning, we will be glad that we have done our hardest work because nothing can worsen than eating a frog.

So if you also feel that I do not have time to do something new, then you must read this book. Because in this book you will be able to learn about many ways to manage your time.

5. The Unlimited Power

The society we are living in today has kept us fighting in such shackles. Due to which such thoughts have been formed in our mind that we cannot do anything new. So that we never even try to do anything new.

If there is something similar in your life then you can read this book. In this book, the author tells us step-by-step how we can break any of our limitations and do something new.

The author has told us in this book how our mind works and how our mind understands. How can we break any limits in the shortest possible time?

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6. Rich Dad Poor Dad

It is a very interesting book, you must read it. In this book, the authors share their real-life experiences with us. where he had two fathers. One of his real dead who were quite poor; On the other hand his friend’s very rich dad.

He is also teaching them how he can become a rich and successful person and in the end, he himself becomes a successful and rich person. The author of this book ‘Robert Kiyoski’ is really very rich and successful.

The author tells us, how a poor person thinks while on the other hand how a rich person thinks. Where poor people are sad after seeing their past, the same rich people plan for their future.

If you also want to become a successful and wealthy person then you must read this book. When I read this book, I found it a very interesting book, it is also my favorite book.

7. Start With Why

You must have also heard people asking that….

What should I do which job should I do When they get their answers to these questions; So he asks how should I do this? Or I want to do this job but how to do it?

But in this book the author is teaching us that we should focus on our ‘Why’ instead of ‘What’ and ‘How’. Because we should do what we like.

You should do it as people suggest; you should do that So ask yourself why should we do this? Like why should I do this job?

Because if I want to earn money only then I can earn money from other jobs also. When you get the answer to your ‘Why’ then it will be very easy for you to do both ‘What’ and ‘How’.

8. Power of Habit

We cannot control our future; What’s going to happen to us next? You and I can’t stop it, it’s true. But you can definitely control your habits, which will control your future to a great extent.

In this book, the author tells us how we can break our bad habits and replace them with good ones.

Creating good habits is a very difficult task, but if you make good habits once, then your future can improve to a great extent. And you too can be successful.
On the other hand, creating bad habits is a very easy task, but once bad habits are formed, it is very difficult to leave them.

The author has done a lot of research and told us that how good habits are formed? And how can we develop good habits?

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9. Not worrying and start living

There are always many ups and downs in our life. But when we suddenly start getting a lot of misery, we are weak and broken from inside.

That’s why the author teaches us in this book that how we should control our bad times. And how we can survive ourselves normally even in times of sorrow.

Whenever you are very sad and disappointed, then you can read this book which will inspire you to live.

10. 5 A.M. Club

Nowadays our daily routine has become something like this. That we have become a habit of sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning. But waking up late at night and getting up late in the morning both are very harmful to both our health and life.

In this book, the author tells us the technique of getting up early in the morning as well as the benefits of getting up early.

What should we do first thing in the morning? The author has described it in detail in this book.

The authors tell us that we have to wake up every morning at 5:00 am to exercise for 20 minutes, then for 20 minutes we have to read a good book and after that, we have to prepare a list of what we have to do in that day. Due to this our time will be saved a lot.

In this book, the author has told what we should do after getting up in the morning and along with the benefits of getting up early in the morning, you can know many more things by reading this book.

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