How long does it take to Become a Plastic Surgeon

So you’re considering becoming a plastic surgeon? Great! You have the knowledge and skillset to be an amazing doctor. I’m sure your friends are all asking you how long it takes to become a Plastic Surgeon. Well, unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast rule for this.

It depends on how much time you can dedicate to your education and how quickly you progress.

But still, if we talk about an ideal time, then…

In US to Become a respected plastic surgeon takes more than 8 years of study and training after high school. Because of the high level of expertise and dangers involved with the work, it is required to spend a significant amount of time preparing.

  • High School: 4 year (maybe 2–3 yrs before they get into university education)
  • General surgery residency: 5 years
  • Plastic surgery residency: 2 years
  • Fellowship Training: 1 years may be 2 years in some cases

Residencies and Fellowships are very busy as well as fun.

In fellowship, you are officially a doctor, you also get to do the work of a doctor. Which you are not only improving your skills but at the same time you are also paid, so it becomes a lot of fun.

Earning along with learning.

Who is a Plastic Surgeon?

A plastic surgeon is a doctor that specializes in the correction and restoration of a part or most parts of the body through surgery.

They often help patients after an accident, burns or a disease. While some plastic surgeons work with all areas of the body, others specialize in a particular area such as hand surgery or facial plastics.

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What qualifications and degrees are needed to become a Plastic Surgeon.

To become a plastic surgeon, it is necessary to complete a five-year general surgery residency, followed by two or more years of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Completing a residency in general surgery is required because it allows a surgeon to better understand how the body works and how surgeries work.

To be eligible for plastic surgery residency, you must have completed at least five years of medical school and be board certified in general surgery.

After you have completed your residency, you will need to complete a one-year fellowship in plastic surgery.

To become board certified as a surgeon, you must pass a comprehensive examination and complete several years of residency. You will need to be licensed in the state where you plan to practice before starting any residency or fellowship.

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