How to Become a MRO (Tehsildar) in India | Career Guide

Do you enjoy helping others? And do you also like to solve the affairs of others? Then you choose the right job for your career like- How to become an MRO (Tehsildar) in India.

And if you want to know these questions answer, what is MRO (Telsildar)?  how to become MRO (Telsildar)? Telsildar’s PayScale?; Then you reached the right place for detailed information on this topic.

MRO is a state government job so it is conducted by State Government. it is a highly recommended job many peoples of India want to do this job. It is not simple but we should extra hard work for extreme success.

What is MRO (Tehsildar)?

MRO (Mandal Revenue Officer) is an officer of state government that is responsible for activities in a specified matter, implementation of decisions taken by the State Government or district collecter, relief activity, relief fund, agricultural work and revenue and tax collection.

short description of MRO!

MRO (tehsildar) is that job which is work in an under the tehsildar and Supreme of all Lokpal which particular area he/She work. It is a very grateful job of many Officer jobs Vikas because it is mostly responsible for land security, land and tax revenue. this is a very responsible job. As a result, To become an MRO officer is very a proud job.

Eligibility for MRO

Nationality– India Bhutan Nepal

In other words, To become a tehsildar, India Bhutan or Nepal must have citizenship in any of these countries.

Age- the minimum age to give the examination of PSC is 21year to 40 years old.

For SC/ST the age can be expanded by State Government on job notification.

Educational qualifications

  • Candidate must be pass class 12th
  • Candidate must be a graduate of any stream from a recognized college.

Mental qualities

  • Leadership skill
  • Stress handling skills
  • Interpersonal skill and communication skill
  • Decision-making skill 
  • Administration skill

How to Become an MRO (Tehsildar) in India?

Pass the class 12th with good marks.
Graduate from a recognized college in any area.

Apply for the exam

After that graduation, the candidate can apply for the PSC exam. Therefore, for this exam, the candidate visits the State government PSC official website. For example- and applies there. After that, you are called to give an exam.

Crack the MRO (Tehsildar) Exam?

This exam is conducted by every State government. So every state government release notification for this job from time to time in the process of exam candidate give two exams for tahsildar.

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Written Exam

In the exam, the candidates must be qualified for this exam because after clearing this exam the candidate can give the interview exam. if the candidate does not pass this exam then he can not give an interview.

In the process of the written exam, there have two papers. The syllabus of the two papers is given lo below.

Syllabus for paper – 1st

  1. General Science
  2. Current Events of National and International Importance.
  3. History of India and Indian National Movement. India and World Geography.
  4. General Mental Ability
  5. Disaster Management (Source: CBSE Publications)

Paper-II –Social & Cultural History of state

  • Social structure 
  • Cultural structure and contribution 
  • Buddhism and Jainism 
  • Establishment of British rule 
  • Growth of leftist/communist movement
  • Indian constitution


After completing the first and second stages, the candidate is called for an interview.  There are very few candidates who remain for the interview. In the interview, interpersonal skills, etc. are tested.

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In an interview, the professor asks you questions and you have to answer. This step is to check the knowledgeability of the candidate. These syllabus subjects related questions can be asked by the interviewer for MRO.

Syllabus for MRO Interview

  • History
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Geology
  • Commerce
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Anthropology
  • Philosophy
  • Zoology
  • Sociology
  • Public Administration
  • Political Science
  • Medical Science
  • Law
  • Physics
  • and others.

Merit for MRO(Tehsildar)

Even after clearing all these exams. the candidate must become on the merit list because the post of the MRO (tehsildar) is glorious. In other words most people want to work on these posts but the number of these posts is limited. the candidate can not be recruited in the police, so all applicants are the most efficient candidate according to the candidates passed in candidates.

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Document investigation and training- 

After all these, the legal record of the candidate is seen. In conclusion, It is seen that candidates have no case. if there is no case, the candidate is sent to training and after the training, the candidate is sent to a certain place.

Pay Scale of MRO (Tehsildar)

Apart from this, the state government may release perks and allowances accordingly.

No.State Name Pay ScaleGrade pay
1.Uttar Pradesh   Rs 15600 to Rs 391003300
2.MaharashtraRs 14800 to Rs 340003300
3.KarnatakaRs 28100 to Rs 501003300
4.Jammu and KashmirRs 55000 (approx)3300


The MRO (tehsildar) is the most prestigious service in all types of government jobs. Consequently, living an MRO in India is not a common thing.  Therefore it is not easy to become a tehsildar, for this one has to spend both day and night.

In Conclusion, Being a tehsildar is not a common thing.  Therefore it is not easy to become a tehsildar, for this one has to spend both day and night. That is to say, tehsildar is the most prestigious service in all types of government jobs.  By becoming a tehsildar, you serve the public.

You can become a tehsildar by the paths given in this article. these paths explain how to become a tehsildar, by following the instructions given in this article. you will become an MRO, it is our best wishes. Most importantly, we feel after reading this article your question, how to become an MRO(tehsildar) in India? you achieved your answer a long way.

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