How to Become a News Anchor | Step-by-Step [2023]

Do you also like to see TV? Do you also like to speak the truth? And Do you also like to tell people the right information?; If your answer is yes then you choose the right career for your future. We support you on how to become a news anchor in India from this detailed blog.

you want to know about news anchor-related questions. For example, what is a news anchor? Eligibility? news anchor  PayScale?;  these are some questions, which answer you want to know. Therefore we will give full details about the news anchor in the blog for your all questions.

A news anchor not only captures crime scenes, detailed information on any topic but also they are contributing to saving the democracy of a region. This is a very prestigious service. 

It is not simple to become a news and but for this success, we can do a little more hard work. Therefore, being a news anchor is a great service.


Education Qualifications

To become a news anchor, one needs to have an excellent educational background. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably journalism.

If you are looking at news anchoring as a full-time career option then you should take up courses in the field of mass communication or journalism which will help you to learn the art of news reading.

2)  Skill Qualifications

To be a successful news anchor, you need to have certain skills which are very important for anchoring. If you talk about the essential skills required to become an effective news anchor. then these include excellent communication skills, public speaking skills and presentation skills etc.

Apart from this personality traits such as confidence, good voice modulation and pronunciation skills are also required to be an effective news anchor.

In addition to this certain technical skills that a newsreader must include Edd the ability to read from various sources such as prompter, teleprompter etc.

These days you need to know how to use multimedia platforms for disseminating information which means knowledge of social media platforms.

How to become a News Anchor?

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities associated with being a successful news anchor are not limited to just one field. One can have a flourishing career in the print media or broadcasting industry by becoming a successful news anchor.

There is a very high demand for talented individuals who want to work in television stations or radio stations through becoming successful news anchors.

Career Prospects

The career prospects associated with being a successful news anchor are very bright. because there is a huge demand in the television and radio industry due to the growth in accessibility and affordability of these mediums.

There is also a huge audience base in the broadcasting industry, which means that even if you want to start your own company, you have very good chances of being highly successful.

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News anchors from all over the world have been successful in making a mark for themselves and have become brand names. If you think that news anchoring is what you can do best, then go ahead and follow your passion.

In this line-up of future career possibilities, journalism ranks right at the top as. it has been valued as one of the important professions. which attract many young aspirants as well as those who wish to change their fields today. It is one of the most challenging careers for young graduates at present.

As far as your future in this profession is concerned, it would depend on the kind of experience that you can garner in this line today.

Try for news anchor

You could even go ahead and try out different roles within journalism; by taking up internships working in a junior capacity or even part-time jobs in various news networks. These options will certainly give you an edge into having a successful career in future.

This is why many students choose to take up courses in Mass Communication at the college level. because apart from gaining knowledge about the subject,

they also get an opportunity to become familiar with different aspects related to Journalism such as reporting, editing etc.

which all contribute towards a democratic field. Several esteemed colleges are offering specialized courses in Journalism today Some of them are mentioned below.

University for news anchor

The University of Texas at Austin offers a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree in mass communication along with certificate programs for this field.

Indiana University Bloomington offers a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree in journalism through its prestigious Media School.

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignOffers Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with specializations available in different fields such as print, broadcast or online media etc.

One can also opt for Master of Arts or Master of Science degrees in the discipline after completion of their undergraduate studies through the College of Media.

Kansas State University-State offers a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and a doctorate in journalism through the College of Media and Communication.

College and degree

There are several colleges offering courses in journalism both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The following mentioned names are only a few among all those that exist:

Columbia UniversityThe Journalism School offers degree programs for undergraduate as well as graduate students through the school of Continuing Education. There is also an advanced studies program available after completion of undergraduate studies.

New York University School of Arts has been one of the top-ranked schools for film, television and other media-related disciplines such as Journalism etc.

It offers Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees along with certificate programs to its aspirants today.  

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Payscale for news anchor

The salary that a successful news anchor can command is however dependent upon various factors such as the number of years of experience, responsibilities and also work area.

The average annual salary for a successful news anchor is about $ 87000 in US News stations with high competition. In print media, the average annual salaries hover around $ 85000.


The above article highlighted the importance of a career in journalism for students today. It also discussed different options available for getting the education and training required to build up a successful career as a news anchor in future.

Apart from this, the article also touched upon basic qualifications and entry-level job profiles that one could get into today to build up a strong resume that will help them in their future career growth.

The candidate’s becoming a news anchor is not decided.  Therefore, the candidate should also keep preparing for the second job because the merit list is everything in it. 

You can become an anchor only if your name is on the merit list, otherwise not.  So we wish you all the best, hoping that you guys will fulfil your responsibility with full devotion.


Q1. What are the basic qualifications required to become a News Anchor?

A: You need- 1) Graduate from a well known University in any discipline

2) Minimum 3 years of experience as a reporter or anchor in news channels.

Q2. What is the Salary Structure of a News Anchor

A: The average salary of a news anchor is around 35-40 Lac p.a. in IndThee thy or anchor differs from one channel to another. But it is approximately between 2.5-9 lac USD per year.

Q3. What are the benefits of working as a News Anchor?

A: The most important benefit is the exposure they get to world affairs and different countries. They get exposure to politicians, diplomats etc who make important statements in the newsroom.

Besides this, they also learn a lot from the experience of others in their team who have been in this profession for many years.

Q4. Are there any certifications required to become a News Anchor?

A: Yes, one can get certified in journalism. There are several certifications available online, in the market today. These certifications are provided by reputed institutes and help individuals in getting a foothold in the media industry. For example-Sigma Certification, CSJ certification etc.

Q5. What are the job opportunities for a News Anchor?

A: There is a lot of scope for a news anchor in reputed television channels such as Doordarshan, DD National etc.

There are several opportunities available in the traditional print media too. But the scope for a news anchor is more in emerging networks such as Aaj Tak, NDTV etc.

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