How to Become an Archaeologist in India After 12th

There are many different careers that have to do with history. While you may not have realized it, there is a career for everyone who loves the past! One of the most popular professions in this field is archaeology. So today, we will discuss in detail How to Become an Archaeologist in India.

If you’re interested in becoming an archaeologist, then the country of India is a great place to start. Working as an archaeologist in India can be very rewarding because there are so many ancient sites that remain unexplored.

There are many different opportunities for archaeologists in India, ranging from on-site excavation work to museum curation and even working on documentary films about Indian history.

If you love discovering new artifacts and finding out about what happened hundreds or thousands of years ago, then becoming an archaeologist could be perfect for you!

Archaeologists work on excavations where they dig up old items like pottery, tools, weapons, and more. To learn how to become an archaeologist in India continue to read it!

Who is an archaeologist?

Before getting further, let’s know who is an archaeologist.

An archaeologist is a person who studies ancient artifacts and ruins to learn about what happened hundreds or thousands of years ago.

To find out more about the subject, they also study other fields such as biology, geology, anthropology, and many other subjects that can help them in their research.

As an archaeologist, you would work for both government agencies and private companies.

Jobs for archaeologists are a little harder to find than other careers, but they can still be found. You will need a degree in archaeology or another related field.

Most people choose to study archaeology because of their interest in ancient history and learning about what happened thousands of years ago.

Archaeologists often get the chance to work on some of the most historic and important sites in the world.

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How to Become an Archaeologist in India

Remember: When learning how to become an archaeologist, you will need to decide what field you’re going to specialize in.

To become an archaeologist in India, one must follow the below steps:

Step 1: Get a bachelor’s degree in Archaeologist.

A bachelor’s degree is normally required for any archaeologist who works for the government, but certain positions might require a master’s degree.

Archaeologists also need to be in good physical condition because they often have to spend long hours digging, climbing, and squatting.

Archaeologists need to have knowledge of technology because these days a lot of the archaeologist’s work is done using computers and machinery.

Step 2: Obtain a Master’s Degree to become an Archaeologist in India.

A master’s degree allows you to move into advanced ranks and gives you more opportunities to specialize in your chosen area such as underwater archaeology, conservation, and excavation.

This degree also makes you more competitive when applying for positions with companies around the world.

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Step 3: Join hands with other Archaeologists.

First of all, you need to gather experience under your belt.

It is easy to find internships with museums, government institutions, and private companies.

If you are planning on working for a museum or a university, you will need an advanced degree to succeed.

If you are not too interested in being an archaeologist, but just love learning about history, then you might want to look into becoming a museum curator.

They are responsible for the preservation of historic items and figuring out how to store these items.

They also have to figure out how to display artifacts in a way that will please visitors and educate them at the same time.

Step 4: Get experience in different places.

Archaeologists often travel to learn about new sites and artifacts. It is also a great way to learn about different cultures.

This will allow you to increase your knowledge of the subject even further.

An archaeologist’s salary is usually dependent on the amount of experience that they have. So, The more qualified an archaeologist you are, the better the salary that you will get.

To increase your chances of getting a higher salary, you should take different types of experience whether it is fieldwork, lab work, or another form of experience.

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Step 5: Share your knowledge with the world.

Once you have acquired all of your skills, you can start to become a lecturer or author on archaeological topics.

Lecturing is a great way to share your expertise with students and other budding archeologists.

You can also work on writing books about the subject. If you are creative, you can create your own workshop to teach others what you have learned.

Career Scope as Archaeologist in India.

Archaeologist is a profession that requires an individual to have professional skills in ancient history and research. In India, Archaeologists work in museums, as private researchers, and as teachers in schools.

Indian Archaeologist’s job can be divided into two different positions.

One is the actual excavation of ancient sites, while the second position is to either work in the museum that preserves the archaeology findings or to become a lecturer in schools teaching subjects about ancient history.

Skill Required to Become an Archaeologist

  • A person who wishes to become an Archaeologist should be dedicated to his profession.
  • The person has to have a very sharp eye for detail, patience and above all, she or he should have a passion for history.
  • Archaeology in India is an art and to do well, a person needs to be creative and imaginative.
  • Archaeologist requires to be knowledgeable in different skills like drawing, cataloging, language, etc.

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What to study and How to become an Archaeologist in India

The Indian education system is divided into 10+2 high schools and then you can choose to go for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate courses in archaeology will take you to 3 years of study, while postgraduate courses will take around 2-3 years to complete.

For becoming an Archaeologist in India, you can choose to specialize in prehistoric archaeology or ancient history.

Career Scope & Salary

Job openings for Archaeologists in India will be mostly at museums as private researchers, and as teachers in schools. The salary for a full-time Archaeologist in India is between 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR per month. 

You can read these Quora answers to know more.


Archaeologists in India play an important role in preserving ancient history. Their work is to find the remains of civilizations, artifacts, and other materials that were used by the people in history.

The career scope of an Archaeologist in India is promising, provided you are interested in history and want to do something different with your life.

The salary of an Archaeologist in India is also quite good. However, the only criterion to be successful as an Archaeologist in India is to have a passion for archaeology and history.

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FAQs on How to Become an Archaeologist in India

Q 1: Is there any specific educational qualification required before going for a career in Archaeology?

Ans: Yes. To be eligible to become an Archaeologist in India, the person should have passed high school and he/she should have cleared all the 10+2 examinations. The person can then opt for an undergraduate course in Archaeology.

Q 2: What are the job prospect of a person having a career as an Archaeologist?

Ans: The job prospect of a person having a career as an Archaeologist is quite good. There are plenty of opportunities for archaeology students in India to become Archaeologists.

Q 3: What are the salary of an archaeologist in India?

Ans: The salary of an archaeological person is not too high. An Archaeologist in India can earn anything around 20,000 INR to 30,000 per month.

Q 4: What is the career scope of Archaeology in India?

Ans: There are both private and government openings available for Archaeologists. The person can work as a teacher in schools, museum curators, and also work privately.

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