How to Become Chef in India After 12th | Career Guide

How to become Chef in India is may sound easy but it requires some dedication and hard work. A career as a chef is a very important factor in Hospitality Industry.

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a chef at your home too. LOL

You can start with a small family gathering and move to corporate parties and go on to conduct cooking classes for students. Along with this, you can also work as a chef in a famous hotel or restaurant.

To become a chef, you must be clear that who is a chef and what work does he do, so let’s know it first…


To become a Chef in India, you need to have certain skills and qualities which will help you in your profession. You must be dedicated towards your work and patient. It takes time to master the art of cooking but it is not impossible, with practice and dedication one can master the art of cooking very quickly.

Becoming a chef is not just about cooking, you must have patience and be able to deal with unprofessional staff. You must also possess creativity in your profession as well as knowledge of food combinations, temperatures and basic cooking techniques that are used for making different kind of dishes.

Many people think that becoming a chef is easy because it is natural gift, but it is not actually the case. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to become a chef, there are various levels and qualifications that help you get into the profession step by step.

Who is a Chef and What does he do?

A Chef is a trained professional cook who prepares meals and supervises the kitchen. A chef is an expert in the technique and practice of food preparation.

They are responsible for creating menus, cooking meals, supervising other cooks and kitchen workers, ordering food supplies, and managing the business side of their kitchens.

Chefs have a variety of responsibilities depending on whether they work at a restaurant or hotel, or if they are the head chefs at their own restaurant.

If you want to become a chef then you must have interest in cooking. Along with this, you should also be proficient in time management and preparing large quantities of food.

The Role of a Chef in Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts

Chefs typically have a variety of responsibilities. You will likely be responsible for the entire kitchen operations, which can include menu planning, inventory management, food purchasing and preparation. In smaller restaurants or hotels, you may take orders directly from guests and prepare their meals.

You will be expected to ensure the quality of your cooking and that every meal is presented well. You’ll also need to train new staff members as they join your team.

Chefs are expected to maintain a clean kitchen by storing ingredients properly, washing surfaces regularly and removing any trash or spoiled food from the area quickly.

You might even create the recipes that make up your menu if you work at a small restaurant or hotel. If you apply for a position at a larger restaurant chain, then you may need to follow specific recipes that were created by experts on the chain’s staff.

Why you should become a Chef?

In India, the food industry is a huge part of growing up. The food we eat teaches us how to be happy and healthy. Being a chef is like being a teacher; you make people happy everyday. This can happen in the restaurant industry or in the kitchen at home with your family!

Becoming a chef gives you an opportunity of exploring new tastes of dishes and their origins. If you are passionate about food then becoming Chef may prove very rewarding for you.

You can work as a chef for many years and over the years, get better and be able to cook different kinds of foods.

Becoming a chef means getting into one of the most competitive professions where two things matter – Skills and Passion. You don’t need any fancy college degree for it.

How to become chef India

To become a chef, first of all you should be able to cook. You can join any restaurant as a kitchen helper and start working your way up through the food chain.

There are many ways to gain experience in the restaurant industry, whether it be cooking alongside the head chef or chopping vegetables for salads. Then there is the option of completing formal training and taking your first step towards a career as a professional chef.

Basic Qualifications:

There are no formal requirements to become a chef, however completing a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Professional Cookery will definitely help your career progression.

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Professional Cookery is ideal if you want to learn on the job. It consists of four units including Food Preparation and Cooking, Food Safety and Hygiene, Kitchen Management and Customer Care.

No formal qualifications are required to work as a kitchen assistant however you will need to have at least five GCSEs at grade A-C.

The NVQ in Hospitality and Catering can be a useful addition to your CV and consists of five units including Front Office Operations, Food and Drink Service, Providing Products and Services and Personal Development.

Graduate schemes:

Most restaurants now offer a structured development programme for chefs. You will undertake a period of on-the-job training and be expected to complete a special project or development assignment. Most of the work is focused on growing your skills and knowledge about the restaurant industry.


Experience counts for everything in the restaurant trade, so try to gain as much kitchen experience as you can before starting out. Choose a good quality establishment and try to gain work experience with different employers, this way you’ll develop a more rounded skill set and be able to make a good impression when looking for a job.

The next step is to get experience of working at the front-of-house in a restaurant, try being host or hostess, waiting tables or working behind the bar. This skill set will help you to become an all-rounder.


The Jobs & Skills website has a list of professional cooking and hospitality courses that you can do in order to get the necessary qualifications, however some establishments will sponsor you through the training.

So you’ve got the job, what next?

It’s important to be familiar with health and safety regulations when working in a restaurant as well as being aware of the latest developments in catering trends. Always keep your knowledge up to date and attend training courses, read relevant magazines and cookery books.

The next step is to set out on your own and open your own restaurant, brasserie or café. There are many ways to do this including franchising, licensing or buying an independent business.

Work on your communication skills

Chefs need good communication skills because they have to communicate with different kinds of people like customers, waiters, chefs from other restaurants etc.

It’s also important for chefs that they have a good education because that is going to help them in their field of work and also help them stay longer than others

Some Tips to become a chef in India

  • Be enthusiastic and hard working; always give your best. Be honest and reliable and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Distance learning: There are a number of online cookery courses that you can do from home. See this list of accredited schools as well as the distance learning options available from them:


To become a chef in India, you need to have a passion for cooking. There are several courses available in India that help you to become a Chef.

You must have a good knowledge of the food industry, a good sense of taste and smell, and good communication skills.

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