How to become DSP in Police In India | Full Details

Do you also want to protect society? And want to become a DSP in Police? Then this guide ‘How to become a DSP in india‘ is only for you. All the methods have been explained in it.

Becoming a Police DSP is not a common thing, so becoming a DSP is not easy, but for such a big success, you can do a little hard work.

Police is a part of our society. DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) is a post of police, which the police also call its commander.

Any work is done only under the supervision of DSP. Police are the first step in the security system of any country and it also shows the security system of that country.

Police reduce the chaotic activities spread in our society, they punish the criminals. It has become an integral part of our society. Which protects us from any external and internal danger.

Today we will discuss about the DSP of the police handling the security system of the country.

  • How to become a DSP in Police?
  • Which qualifications have to become a DSP in Police?
  • What is the salary of police?
  • We Will also discuss about the post of police in india?

So let’s get started it…

What is DSP in police?

“DSP is that post of the police department, which is constituted, taking the report of the head of a big police station, keeping an eye on the work of the police, being aware of all the information of the police station, giving command to the police, law and order smoothly.”

Short Description of DSP!

Police DSP is the incharge or head of any major police station. The DSP under which some outposts also come.

DSP is a greater post than the Inspector and it is the smallest post in the Gazetted Officer.

They have three silver-colored stars on their shoulders. There is anger on the head and the name of the state is written on the shoulder in which they are working.

General Eligibility to Join Police

To join the police,

  • Candidate should have acquired citizenship of India.
  • Candidate must have passed 10+2 (class 12th).
  • All parts of the body should be safe and there should be no disease of any kind in the body.
  • To join the police, the eyes of the candidate should be healthy.
  • The soles of the feet should not touch the ground.
  • The weight of the candidate should not be less than 40 kg.

How to Become DSP In Police?

There is no direct process to become a DSP in Police. To become a DSP, first the candidate has to be recruited in the police. Only after this, the candidate can become DSP by promotion.

To become a DSP in police, first of all the candidate should be in the rank of Police Sub Inspector or Inspector.

Generality: There is no direct recruitment even for Inspector. Therefore, the candidate has to first reach the post of Police Sub-Inspector by passing the police recruitments coming out from time to time and after some years he is made DSP by promotion.

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Eligibility of Sub Inspector for police DSP

To become a police sub-inspector For DSP, the candidate must have passed class 12th with good marks and must be a graduate from a well-known recognized university.

Only after that, the candidate can apply for Sub Inspector.

Body Length

For Men –

  • General category – 172 cm
  • OBC category –  169 cm
  • ST/ SC category – 169 cm

For Women –

  • General category – 157 cm
  • OBC category – 152-155 cm
  • SC/ST category – 152-155 cm

Chest width

  • General category- 83cm without expansion and 87cm when inflated.
  • OBC category- 83cm without expansion and 87cm when inflated.
  • ST/SC category – 81cm without expansion and 85cm when inflated.

Physical race

For Men –

To become a police inspector, men have to run 5 kilometers in 25 minutes

For Women –

To become a Suresh child, women have to run 2.5 km in 15 minutes.

Long jump

  • For Boys – 3.6 meters (Three attempts)
  • For Girls- 2.7m (Three attempts)

High jump

  • For Boys- 1.2  meters (Three attempts)
  • For Girls- 0.9m (Three attempts)

Throw Boll

For Boys – 8 Kg(16LLB) Weight 4.5 Meter (Three Attempts)

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Medical Qualifications to become DSP

To join the police,

  • The candidate should not have any disease in the eyes.
  • The soles of the feet of the candidate should not touch the ground.
  • The knees of the feet should be healthy.
  • The weight of the candidate should be at least 40 kg or more.

Become Sub Inspector to become DSP In Police

As you know there is no direct way to become DSP in the police. So you need to become SI first to become DSP.

Following are the steps to become a Police Sub Inspector-

Step 1: Pass class 12 and Graduate

To go to the post of Police Sub Inspector, any candidate must have passed class 12 with good marks and must be a graduate from a recognized university.

After that only then the candidate can apply (online) for Police Sub Inspector.

Step 2: Applying for Police

From time to time, applications are drawn for the recruitment of police in all the states.

In which the candidate can apply for UPSC, SSC CGL / SPS (State Police Service) Exam.

The application is released on the official police website of the state. As for Uttar Pradesh, the official police website is

Step 3: Prepare for the Exams to Become SI

Before becoming a DSP in the police, one has to pass certain stages to become a sub-inspector.

After passing these steps the candidate becomes a Sub Inspector.

Step 4: Clear written Exam

After the candidate’s application examination on the state government application is conducted by UPSC, SPS, or SSC CGL consisting of objective questions.

The exam has asked 150 questions related to Journal Studies in which each question is of 2.50 marks.

In this, no number is deducted if the answer is wrong. This exam is for 400 marks.

General English40100
Numerical and medical ability40100
Mental aptitude/IQ ability40100
Basic law / constitution / general knowledge / reasoning40100
table of subjects, questions, and number

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Step 5: Clear Physical Eligibility

Candidates who passed all the written tests are called for a physical test.

In which the candidate is checked for physical eligibility. Like length, chest width, long jump, high jump, shot throw, physical running, etc.

All those tests must have to be passed by the candidate.

Step 6: Clear medical qualifications

There is a medical examination in which the physical examination of the candidate is done.

It is seen that there is no disease or any deficiency in the candidate, his eyes should be 6/6. His knees are checked. Some other tests are done.

Step 7: Comeing on Marrit

The post of DSP is a proud post. The number of these posts is limited and the number of candidates is more.

Not everyone can be recruited into the police. So the most efficient candidates are selected as per the requirement of the eligible candidates among all the applicants.

Candidates must give their best performance so that they can appear on the merit list and fulfill their dream of becoming a DSP in Police.

Step 8: Document Verification and Training

After all these steps the legal record of the candidate is seen.

If no legal record of the candidate is found then the candidate is sent for training and after training the candidate is sent to the police station of any district to serve the public.

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Step 9: Promoted as DSP in India

Now you have to perform your work and duty with true devotion. And get a promotion to become a DSP.

Because there is no direct way to become DSP in the police.

Pay scale of DSP in police

DSP is a big post in the police. And there are more responsibilities.

The salary of a police DSP can range from around ₹ 61,100 to ₹ 78,800, they are given around ₹ 5,700 in the form of grade pay and some other allowances are given.

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Conclusion: How to become DSP in Police In India

Safety is the most important thing for any person. And the safety of any person is in the hands of the police. And the police is the strongest link in the security system of the country. The police is the security guard that stands at the fore.

Police eliminate the evils spread in our society. And our society remains safe only by the understanding of the officer giving instructions to the police.

DSP is that post of police. which have many important responsibilities and achieving the post of DSP is not simple because many candidates keep working hard day and night to get the post of DSP.

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