How to Become Ethical Hacker | Step-by-Step Guide [2023]

How to Become Ethical Hacker: Due to the growth of technology and the Internet, today computer hacking has become one of the most dangerous problems in the world.

That is why the demand for ethical hackers is increasing day by day to deal with this problem.

But still, do you know what is ethical hacking? How can you become an ethical hacker?

if not; So no problem, today we are going to talk about this on Aimpur.

So let’s just know…

The computer and Internet have made our life easier. We can do all our work very easily through these.

But it is said that there are as many disadvantages as the advantages of something. A similar scene is also seen in the field of computers and the internet.

What is a Hacker | What is Hacking

In simple language, hacking is called taking control of someone else’s electronic device or stealing his personal information.

And the person who does this work is called a hacker.

Hackers need common sense, problem-solving skills, mathematical skills, and computer programming knowledge to carry out their work.

Types of hackers

Hackers are divided into the following 3 types according to their work. which are the following…

1. Black Hat Hacker

This type of hacker hacks the computer device of another person, company, or organization and steals important data from it.

After which they misuse that data or blackmail the company and try to take money from them.

2. Gray Hat Hacker

Such hackers hack anyone’s computer of their own free will and steal or delete important data for their own pleasure.

A Gray Hat Hacker can also be a person who is still new in the field of hacking.

And hacking other’s website computers just to learn hacking, there is no other big purpose behind doing this.

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3. White Hat Hacker

Such hackers work for any one organization, company, or government. You can also call them ethical hackers.

These help the company to overcome the shortcomings of the device from which the device can be hacked.

In a way, you can say that it protects the company from Black Hat Hackers.

Types of Hacking

Just as there are many types of hackers, in the same way, their work i.e. Hacking is also of many types. Which are the following…

1. Website hacking

This type of hacking means gaining your control over any webserver or any software or database connected to it.

2. Network hacking

This type of hacking means that by taking control of any network, its owner has to be harmed. The main purpose of this hacking is to harm only its owner.

3. Email hacking

In this type of hacking, the hacker steals all his personal data by hacking the email without the permission of its owner and uses it for wrong purposes.

4. Ethical hacking

This type of hacking is done under the permission and supervision of its owner. Its main purpose is to fix the system’s weakness or protect it from black hat hackers.

5. Computer hacking

With this type of hacking, any hacker can hack the computer system. And collects his personal data.

How to become an ethical hacker | Step-by-step

To become a successful ethical hacker, you need to have better computer knowledge to learn which you can follow the following steps.

1. Learn Basic Concept of Computer

To become an ethical hacker, you must first learn computer typing as well as know about the basic concepts of computers.

For example…

  • How does the computer work?
  • What is software?
  • What is an operating system called?
  • How do websites and computer software work?
  • What is the function of the browser?

2. Learn Computer Networking

After learning the basic fundamentals of computers, you should know about computer networking.

For example…

  • How does the internet work?
  • What are the different types of computer networking?
  • How do networking technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth work?
  • How is data transferred through networking?

Detailed knowledge of computer networking can help you a lot in the future, so understand even the smallest things very closely.

3. Learn Computer Programing

Now you need to learn computer programming language because it is very important to have programming knowledge to become an ethical hacker.

Hackers mostly use programming languages like C/C++ to access computer hardware (RAM and hard disk).

As a hacker, the better knowledge of the programming language you have, the more it is beneficial. But still, the following 5 languages are the most used in the field of hacking.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Ruby
  4. JavaScript
  5. C & C++ for Whitehat hacking

You can read Hackernoon‘s article to know more about them.

4. Know About Databases

To become a hacker, it is necessary to have knowledge of databases along with computer programming. A database is a collection of protected information or data that is usually controlled by a database management system (DBMS).

To understand it well, you must have knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL). Because most of the databases are created with the help of SQL.

5. Learn Operating Systems (Linux)

Linux is an open-source operating system. Almost all the operating systems of the hacking world are based on the Linux kernel. Our favorite operating system Android is also based on the Linux kernel.

Linux was first developed by AT&T at Bell Lab. It has a huge contribution in the field of cybersecurity because it provides better security to the computer system.

Being open-source, you can learn Linux by downloading and installing it on your computer for free. You can’t become a hacker without the knowledge of Linux.

6. Learn Cryptography

Cryptography is a technique of protecting data in which data is converted into a secure format (letter, number, and character).

If you understand in simple language, as you sent a message to someone, then the letter of that message will be converted into other characters. It action is called encryption.

Decoding this encrypted message requires a grid or table that determines how the characters in the message are transformed. This process of decoding is called Decryption.

To become a successful ethical hacker, you have to master the knowledge of cryptography because encryption and decryption is an important skill in the hacking field.

7. Practice

The most important thing to master any skill is Practice. So if you really want to become a successful ethical hacker then you have to keep practicing hacking.

For this, you can take part in the competition on the online platform or you can practice by creating a hacking environment in your computer itself.


The final thought of this post [How to Become Ethical Hacker | Step-by-step guide 2021] is that To become a hacker, it is very important for you to have problem-solving skills as well as an interest in computer programming, real-life challenges, etc.

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