How to Become a Model in India | Modelling as a career

What does it take to become a model in India? That is the question we will try to answer in this guide.

Modeling as a career is full of glamour and fun. The fashion industry is the big name these days among teenagers. Who would not want to become a supermodel or an actor?

This article is all about modeling, models, modeling agencies, modeling careers, models job descriptions, how to become a model in India, and many other things that will help you know about modeling as a career.

You might wonder what does it take to become a model in India and whether you should be aspiring to do so.

Be rest assured, because there is plenty of work available for male and female models in India (in fact it is growing at an exponential rate).

So let’s get started it…

Who is a model and what they do?

When you think of modeling as a career option, the first question comes into your mind is who is a real model? and what exactly do?

Before getting farther let’s know it…

A model acts in commercial advertisements, fashion magazines, and films. In advertisements, she may be dressed as a housewife, teacher, businesswoman, doctor, or nurse.

Models will always look happy, even when their job is to sell something unpleasant, like cigarettes or wine. In fashion magazines, they will often pose in skimpy clothing.

More directly, a model is a human being who moves her body parts in a certain way and is photographed by a camera.

Models pose for the camera, not for you. They do not talk to you directly, like actors. They communicate through their poses.

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Types of Modeling in India

In India, most people think modeling means walking on the ramp and doing some other fashion show.

If you also think like it. Then let me tell you modeling is much more than walking on the ramp.

A model can work on:

  1. Ramp / Fashion Shows
  2. Print ads / Catalog shoots
  3. TV commercials
  4. Video Ads
  5. E-commerce / Website shoots
  6. Look Books for fashion designers
  7. TV serials
  8. Fine art / artistic nudes
  9. Music videos
  10. Feature films / Regional movies
  11. Short movies / Internet viral videos
  12. Instagram Influencer
  13. List goes on….

Pre-requirement to Become a Model

It’s not so easy to become a model in India. From an unusual background, with an unusual name and an unusual face, it may be hard to break into the business.

But it can be done — if you’re determined.

If you struggle a lot to find work, you can start your modeling journey with social media. Because today we know many models, actors, and comedians who only started with social media.

But still, it may be necessary to have the following qualities in you to become a model in India.

1. Passion

You must have a passion and passion to become a model. If you want to start modeling because you think that you can get a lot of money and fame from it.

Or you want to do modeling just because others think you can be a very good model, then let me tell you that maybe you are on the wrong track.

2. Looks

The second most important quality to be modern is your looks. Because modeling mainly depends on your looks and how you carry your body.

Your body should be fit and your personality attractive. Zero figure and muscular body are not necessary if you are a girl.

Being a model is one of the most desired career options. Most of the girls dream of becoming a model someday. Models are paid for their good looks and they get to represent different brands in media.

3. Confidence

You should have the confidence to meet new people and work with them. You should also have the confidence to wear which new dress has come in the market.

4. Skill / Talent

You must have the talent to face the camera well. You should also have the talent to pose differently in front of the camera and deliver a different look.

If you cannot do this then modeling can prove to be very difficult for you.

3 Step Guide to Become a Model in India

Becoming a model in India isn’t just about looking good, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So let us tell you how models work and how to become a model in India?

Being a model is perhaps one of the best choices one can make. It is not only a profitable career option but also an enriching life experience.

You can follow these 3 steps to become a model in India.

Step 1: Get a best modeling agency

If you feel that you have all the above-mentioned qualities then you will not have to search for the best modeling agency and approach them.

They can give you precise information on whether you should enter modeling or not.

Step 2: Get a professional portfolio

Now you have to get your portfolio prepared from a reputed modeling agency or from the best fashion photographer.

In this, you have to remember that the person with whom you are building your portfolio already has a very good name in the industry.

Step 3: Find Work and Start Modeling

You have to approach different modeling agencies and show them your portfolio. If they like your work then they will select you and you can work with them.

In this work, you can be helped by the person or company from whom you have prepared your portfolio.

Conclusion: How to Become a Model in India

Modeling is not limited to just walking the ramp and doing fashion shows, it goes beyond that.

To become a model in India, you have the talent to face the camera and pose well, along with your good looks is also very important.

If you are not able to become a model in the traditional way, then you can also start your journey with social media.

Don’t forget to share our career guide [How to Become a Model in India] with your friends. So that they can also get complete information about modeling.

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