How to Become a Pilot in India After 12th | Step-by-step

Friends, seeing the plane flying in the sky, we all feel like sitting on it. So that’s what makes some people want to blow it up. Well, we all want to be something in our life, some doctors and some engineers. So some of the same people want to become a pilot. If you are also one of them people and if you don’t know how to become a pilot? What are the qualifications required for this? So today we have brought the answer to some of your questions. Like how to become a pilot? How much does it cost to become a pilot? For this, which subject do we have to choose in Twelfth? So what’s the delay, let’s know the answer to your questions…..

Friends it is not that easy to become a better pilot but still you can do some hard work for your dream. Friends become pilot  Before you have to decide what kind of  Want to become a pilot because there are many types of pilots like pilots of our air force, pilots flying private helicopters, commercial pilots  (commercial pilot) etc|
But here we  How to become a commercial pilot  Will discuss about| 

What are the qualifications required to become a pilot?

  •  If you want to become a pilot then you should have 10+2 i.e. 12th pass.
  • 12th science stream and you should have physics, chemical science and maths subject Should|
  •  You should have at least 50% marks in 12th.
  • Your  Height should be at least 5 feet.
  •  Your eyes should be perfect I  (Eyes visionshould be perfect)There should be no defect of any kind in the eyes.
  •  Motor skill should be catenation i.e. Physically fit|

if you do the above  You meet all the qualifications. Then you can complete the following steps to become a pilot.

pass 12th examination with science stream-

 If you are in 10th or below classes and you want to become a pilot after passing 12th, then after passing 10th, you should do science in 11th  One has to choose the stream and study on the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. After choosing the subject, you have to study diligently and get at least 50% marks.

Learn English language-

 In addition to your mother tongue, you will also have to study international language English and you will have to learn to communicate in English. So that you do not have any difficulty in expressing your thoughts after becoming a pilot.

To take admission in Flying Club-

 After passing the Twelfth exam|  Now you have to take admission in any flying club. And keep in mind that that club or college should be recognized by DGCA Government of India. For registration in this, you must have medical certificate, security license and bank guarantee like  Must have paperwork.
Bank guarantee because it is an expensive career option. For this you should have a good bank balance. approx 20 lakh  25 lakhs must be from it.
 Athletic National  aviation Academy, Indore  Blue diamond  aviation, Pune Acumen School of pilot training, Delhi  National School  of aviation, New Delhi  Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai 

Apply for SPL

 After this you will have to give exam about many subjects like Aviation Metrology, Air Navigation and Aero Engine. If successful in which you will be given a certificate of SPL.

Apply for PPL

 After getting the certificate of SPL (Student pilot license), you have to apply for PPL. To get the PPL certificate, it is necessary to fly around 60 hours. You have to fly in many ways. Sometimes the pilot has to fly alone with the trainer and sometimes alone. After completion of training  You will get the certificate of PPL. Getting this certificate is a bit difficult. For this the age limit should be at least 17 years. Also, having 12th mark sheet, it is necessary to have Armed Forces Central Medical. 
After getting the certificate of PPL, you can work as a private pilot.

Apply for CPL

PPL  After getting the certificate, you have to apply for CPL. To get CPL you need  There is no flight of 250 hours. In which 60 hours of PPL are attached.
Before getting CPL certificate you have to give a medical test in Delhi.  Along with this, one more exam has to be given. After getting CPL that you can become a pilot.

How much does it cost to be a successful pilot?

 If you want to be a good pilot. So in your training you should  20 to 25 lakh rupees will have to be spent. To become a successful pilot, it costs so much because you have to pay according to the number of times you fly an airplane during training.

Friends hope to become a pilot  All the questions you have in your mind regarding this, you must have got the answer, yet if you have any question in your mind then you can comment us, we will try our best to answer it.
 If you have this information from us. If you liked it then don’t forget to share it with your friends.  thanks/-

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