How to Become RAW Agent in India | After 12th

Today we are talking about how to become RAW agent in India? If you want to join RAW afer 12th, follow this post till the end. Because we covered all the important information related to joining RAW in it.

Are you also one of those who are curious to know about others? And are you fond of spying too?

Do you also not like to share your information with anyone? And want to protect the country through intelligence methods?

So this blog is for you. Today we are talking about India’s intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), which is doing similar work. Then we will discuss how to become a RAW agent?

To become a agent, any person should have some special eligibility because RAW gent is a sensitive job. so for doing this it is necessary to have unbroken patriotism in you.

If you love to earn your name and fame then this job is not for you. It is not easy for any person to join the RAW. But for such a big success, one can only do so much.

We will know after reading this post what is RAW? How to become a RAW Agent? What are the qualifications to be a RAW Agent? And what is the salary of an Agent?

To become a RAW agent or Join RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), one needs to meet specific eligibility criteria, including being a graduate of a recognized college and having relevant work experience in Police, CBI, or Intelligence Bureaus.

There are three ways to join RAW: Through Civil Services Exam (UPSC), SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exams, or Defense Services. However, becoming a RAW agent is a challenging and arduous process, and there is no direct path.

The salary of a RAW agent ranges from Rs 9.60 Lacs to Rs 15.60 Lacs Per Annum.

What is Raw?

RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) is an intelligence agency maintained by the Government of India. Part of its responsibility is to protect the country, gather data on other countries, and develop new technologies to safeguard India.

Short Description of RAW!

In other words, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) is the security apparatus of the Government of India, which is constituted to protect the country, gather internal information of various countries, give information about terrorist activities, save the country from international threats, protect the key people of India and for the safety of India’s atomic bomb, etc.

The RAW was formed on 21 September 1968. RAW is considered to be the most independent department of India.

Because it is not answerable to anyone except the Prime Minister. No law is applicable in its working, so it is completely free to go to any extent to work.

Eligibility to become RAW agent in India

Following are the qualifications for any person to join the raw or to become RAW Agent after 12th-

Educational Qualifications

The person must be a graduate from group A in his good college.After passing the exam of SSC , there should be any major post of police, CBI or intelligence bureau.

The candidate should be more smart and agile while holding these posts because the raw officers check the past work record of the candidate before recruiting in the raw.

The person should have computer knowledge, space knowledge, technical knowledge and economic knowledge.

The person should have best communication skills.

Age limit for become a RAW Agent

The maximum age of the candidate to join the raw is 56 years but the officers who want to become agent, it is mandatory to have 20 years experience in their previous service. Only after that they can give written exam and interview for join raw.

Others Qualifications

  • Neither the person nor his family should have any criminal record.
  • The person should have knowledge of at least 2 or 3 languages
  • The person should also have problem-solving skills so that he can solve his own problems.
  • Candidates do not consume any drugs.
  • Mental skills should be high that person so that he should not be weak under any circumstances.
  • There should not be any defect external or internal in the person’s body.
  • The person should have some special skills like hacking, typing, and hiding from the enemy.

How to become RAW agent after 12th?

To become a raw agent the candidate passes through two difficult examinations, once SSC or UPSC CSE exam and second is raw written exam and interview which arranged by raw administration.

In which only those officers who clear the written exam can give the, second exam, interview. The officers who cleared the interview are sent for raw training.

There are mainly two departments in RAW

  • GD – Ground Works
  • Tele – Technical Works


In this, there are those people who belong to the Physics, Chemistry, Math stream, their job is to collect information from the border and different places and deliver it to their officer.

Technical works

In this, there are people who come from the engineering field and their work is to make advanced level equipment, hacking, develop communication skills, trace calls, hack emails etc.

Following are the 3 ways for becoming RAW Agent any person to go to the state –

Become RAW Agent By-Civil Services

First of all it is necessary that the candidate should be in any civil service like IAS, IPS, Police or Force.

If the person is in the police then he/she will have to reach at least the rank of deputy commissioner and continue to serve in his/her various posts for 20 years.

After 20 years, he can give the written exam to become RAW agent. After passing the exam, there is an interview in which the officer is required to pass.

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The maximum age to become a raw agent is 56 years. Before this, the officers have at least 20 years experience for apply to raw exam.

After passes their written examination and their interview are taken and selected officer were going for training.

Become RAW Agent By- SSC

In this you can join RAW through SSC. This exam is given by those who have to appear in RAW by CBI or Intelligence Bureau.

After going to CBI or Intelligence Bureau, they are called for interview by RAW department. And sent to prepare to become an agent in RAW.

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Become RAW Agent By- Defense services

The person who could not go to the state through UPSC and SSC, can go to the state through the defense services, in this the person after going to a defense service and getting a big post and he has a few years of experience and can go to the state. Can apply for the exam. After clearing the exam and interview, he can become a RAW agent.

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Any person have no surety to become raw agent after 12th because in this no person can go directly to RAW. It is not easy for any person to become a RAW agent because it is a very difficult process.

Pay scale of a RAW Agent

Let’s delve into the pay scale of a RAW Agent, one of the most critical aspects of this career.

The salary of a RAW Agent can range from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.3 Lacs per month, making it a highly lucrative profession. On an annual basis, a RAW Agent can expect to earn between Rs 9.60 Lacs to Rs 15.60 Lacs.

It’s important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and job responsibilities.

Despite the attractive remuneration, becoming a RAW Agent requires dedication, rigorous training, and an unwavering commitment to serving the nation’s interests.

Conclusion- How to become RAW Agent

If a person becomes an agent after 12th, then it is a bigger task than achieving any biggest success. There is no direct process to become a RAW agent, nor is it certain for a person to become an agent.

One has to work hard, only after that he can join RAW, there are many departments in the way, in which the department is given to the candidate according to the capacity of the candidate.

An Agent is the best in his/her mental/physical abilities. Becoming an agent is an unseen dream.

But those who like to earn a name and fame, those people should not think about it at all because they work as an agent is to protect themselves from others and enemies. Have to hide from the enemy.

So we can say that becoming a RAW Agent is a dream not seen by any person and a little more hard work can be done to fulfill it.

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