How to Become Topper in School or College [2023]

Becoming the topper is not just about scoring the highest marks in all subjects. It’s about striking a balance between your studies and other necessary things like family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Here are ten actionable tips which will help you become a topper!

1. Keep your focus This might seem obvious but it often gets overlooked due to various other responsibilities in your life.

2. Make friends with the right kind of people This means striking a balance between your academic, social and professional circle. Keep in mind that everyone is not meant for you or vice-versa!

3. Have hobbies If you are able to manage all these things at once, then this will help you relax and bring you inner peace.

4. Maintain a healthy body This cannot be stressed enough! Exercise, both physical and mental helps in keeping our brains alert and active.

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5. Keep your priorities sorted Make sure that all your must-do’s are followed by should-do’s which are followed by want-to-do’s.

6. Delegate, delegate and delegate If you are good at something, get someone else to do it for you! This will enable you to give your 100% in everything that matters.

7. Read the textbook properly Read up on all that homework that was piled up from last year or semester before coming into this new year or semester. You can’t score if you don’t know what is going on!

8. Wake up early and stay up late There’s a myth that the earlier you wake, the better your brain works throughout the day. So let it work for you, don’t waste time in hitting the bed early. On the contrary, staying up late might actually help you think better.

9. Study with friends This does not mean that you have to share your notes and study together but studying in a group gives you the opportunity to discuss, debate and learn from each other as well as support one another when needed!

10. Take calculated risks Don’t be afraid of trying something new, something which you are not sure of. It might just work in your favour!

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Remember that everyone is capable of becoming the topper but it takes effort, dedication and motivation. Follow these ten tips and use them as guidelines to achieve your goals!

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