How to join Indian Air Force by NDA | Step-by-step

We all have a lot of attachment to our motherland, our country, so we want to go to the army of our country to keep our country safe, so that we can serve our country and serve our family financially.

When it comes to such a thing then most of the students want to go to the Airforce but you may not know the complete information about going to the Airforce, so in today’s post, we will know how to join the Airforce. How to get into Airforce by NDA? How to get a job in the Indian Airforce by NDA?

Indian Air Force is an important part of the security of our nation, it is a part of the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Air Force is less capable than various large and developed countries, but we believe that it will be more capable in the future.

The Indian Air Force is not only used for border security, but to transport the country’s internal security troops from one place to another and the rescue operation is used for important tasks today.

What is Indian air force

The Indian Air Force is a branch of the country’s military organization, which is used for the country’s air security, for carrying military weapons and soldiers from one place to another, for war, and in important work like rescue operations, etc.

Our Indian Army has established on 8 October 1932. the age of the people who go in this army is very less. Because this department demands a fast brain and agile organs. Those who should be ready to serve the country if they get the command in difficult circumstances. That is why the soldiers and officers who go to this army are seen as very respectable in society.

How to join Indian air force

To get into the Indian Air Force, we should be skillful and healthy both mentally and physically because after going to this department, any soldier or officer has to always be dynamic and agile.

Any brave and smart candidate has to apply for NDA National Defense Academy to join the army and to go to NDA one has to appear in NDA exam conducted by the Central Public Service Commission (UPSC), this is done twice in every year. Bars are organized in major cities and towns of the country.

Which are usually held in the months of June and December, such examinations are for recruiting soldiers in any army.


To join Indian Airforce, a candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • Candidate must have acquired Indian citizenship
  • The average age limit for joining the Airforce ranges from 16 years 6 months to 19 years 6 months.

Educational qualification

  • Must be 10+2 with PCM . That is, the candidate should have passed 12th with Physics, Chemical Science and Mathematics subjects.
  • Should have at least 60% marks in 12th.
  • Candidate must be unmarried at the time of application
  • The candidate should not have any intoxicant habit at the time of application.
  • Candidate should have knowledge of English language.
  • The physical height of the candidate. height should be 152 cms or more.

Steps to Join Air Force by NDA

Pass 12th Exam with PCM Subject

To get into Indian Air Force, after passing class 10, you have to pass class 12 from science side and have to choose physics, chemistry and maths subject.

Must have scored at least 60% marks in 12th.

Apply for NDA Exam

To join the Indian Air Force after passing 12th, you have to apply for the NDA exam conducted by UPSC and only after passing it you will be able to join the further selection process.

Syllabus- General Ability Test and Mathematics, G.K. The physical height of the candidate.

Pass the SSB Interview

After passing the NDA paper, the candidate is called for the SSB interview round and in this interview many small tests of the candidate are also taken.

Tests like physical test, group discussion, personal interview etc. are included. You have to talk to them too.

Medical Examination

After passing the SSB interview of the candidate, he is called for the medical examination in which the physical examination of the candidate is done and it is also seen that the candidate does not have any disease or defect of any kind.

In this test, the candidate’s eyes, hand bones, leg bones, teeth etc. are closely observed.

Merit list

After all these examinations, a merit list is prepared in which the names of the successful candidates are published publicly.

Complete Air Force Academy Training

Candidates whose name is in the merit list are called for training in NDA for 3 years and after that Air Force training is given for 1 year in Air Force Academy.

After completing the training, the Indian Air Force candidate is fully prepared to join the Indian Air Force.

Pay Scale

The soldiers in the Indian Air Force during their training ranges from about 14600-22500. After completing the same training, they are provided a salary of up to 33000-45000.

Friends, hope that you have liked this information of ours and all the questions related to how to join Indian Air Force have been answered, but still if you have any suggestion about this question, then you can comment us. We will try our best to bring his information to you.

If any of your neighborhood or friend wants to go to Airforce, then definitely share this post with him.

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