How to Join RAW

After 12th (In 2022)

Step 0: Know- What is RAW and his work?

The full form of RAW is Research and Analysis Wing of India. It was formed for to get secret information, work secretly, to alert his country from any enemy's plan. 

Step 1: Select a perfect way to join RAW.

A. Civil Services to RAW B. SSC to RAW C. Defence services to RAW

A. Civil Services to RAW

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is obtained after clearing any civil service like- IAS, IPS, Police or Force. After promotion of the IAS/ IPS /Police post anyone can apply for raw.


Those students, who are not in civil services but he is in the CBI or Intelligence Bureau. They can be selected in the raw through an interview by raw Officers.

C. Defence services to RAW

Those person, Who are not in civil service or CBI, Intelligence bureau but he is in the defence services. Then he can join RAW through after promotion as officer in defence services.

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Step 2: Prepare- for the Civil Services, SSC & Defence Services exam.

Every year many student students join civil services SSC Defence Services like- CBI, IB, IAS, IPS, Police, Airforce etc. Anybody can apply for raw through preparation.

Step 3: Do- help of Intelligence service.

During his missions raw needs to help so so if you have chance to help intelligence services then you should participate in mission. Which helps you in interview selection.

Step 4: Maintain your Working Profile.

After join government service, the students should maintain his working profile as a good IQ officer. This will help you in to join RAW.

Step 5: Pass- The RAW Interview.

Every year many offices join raw to complete his dream like- a raw agent. Before joining, an interview is held every year in raw for top officers

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